Heads Up Decoy Heads Up Decoy Heads Up Decoy Heads Up Decoy Heads Up Decoy

The Heads Up Decoy Elk Decoy, Mule Deer Decoy, Pronghorn Antelope Decoy, Whitetail Decoy, and Turkey Decoy are the best and most versatile archery hunting decoys that you may not know about.

If this is your first time seeing Heads Up Decoy, it may be difficult to find how we started. For a minute, forget what you know about decoys, what people have written about decoys, or how people may use decoys, and think about how a decoy should perform.

The words simple, realistic, versatile, effective, portable, durable, collapsible, and quiet describe Heads Up Decoy and are deeply engrained in the design to allow you the ability to hunt like you want to hunt...or need to hunt. There simply isn't another decoy as versatile, effective, exciting, and FUN as the Heads Up Decoy. We are clearly in a class all alone.

Heads Up Decoy...a decoy you can hunt with every day you go to the field...out of the truck or deep into the most rugged backcountry. Heads Up Decoy...Join the Revolution.

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Garrett Roe, Owner Heads Up Decoy
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