Use of this product may cause harm due to the realistic appearance of this decoy. Use extreme caution when using this product. Not recommended for use during gun season! User assumes the risks associated with hunting with the Heads Up Decoy.



Simple and Hassle Free Instructions!

1. Reach inside the decoy and pull out the tubing and connect the ends. Pinch the pocket seams and slide the decoy down the frame.

2. Wrap the Velcro strap around the tubing and pinch together. You may find the frame to be contorted, simply shape the frame to the decoy until it is flat and conforms to the shape of the decoy.

3. Slide the decoy back down the frame and insert the handle through the Tee fitting and slide it all the way to the opposed side.

4. Insert the end of the handle into the angled fitting with "WindLock System" so the notch in the handle lines with the peg in the fitting. The handle fits snug into the fitting so it does not fall out.

5. Slide the decoy down the frame, wrap the velcro around the frame and Hunt!

To fold the decoy, simply follow the reverse order and coil the support frame inside the decoy pocket.

Be careful not to bend the tubing beyond the 3.75" bending radius!

Do not take out the tubing for any reason.


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