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Decoy Clamp

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The Heads Up Decoy Clamp, sold separately, is further proof of our commitment to design and versatility....and our most underrated accessory. We understand that not everyone wants to hunt using some of the tactics we do with these decoy. The Decoy Clamp is a perfect addition to compliment the functionality to your decoys.

If you prefer to stand hunt, position yourself away from the decoy, don't have a partner to operate the decoy, or don't want a decoy on your bow, the Decoy Clamp is your solution. Simply slide off the foam grip, slide the handle into the plastic tubing, and align the notch with the spring pin or bolt. The notch on the handle will fit around the spring pin to keep the decoy from spinnng in the Decoy Clamp.

The Decoy Clamp has a serious bite and can secure your decoy to solid objects that fit inside the bite radius of the clamp. We untilize the clamp in many scenarios with great effectiveness and suprising stability. Don't overlook the Decoy Clamp when purchasing one of your highly effective decoys.

I love the Decoy Clamp's portability. I simply clamp it to my pack belt and forget about it until I need it. When I need it, it's ready in an instant, yet out of the way when I don't.

Like all our products, use them with caution. User assumes the risks associated with hunting with decoys. Decoys not recommended for use during any gun season.

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