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Cow Elk Decoy

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The Cow Elk Decoy is our flagship decoy and set the tone for all our handheld decoys in our Heads Up Decoy line. It was our elk hunting adventures that got us thinking about decoys. The goal was to design a decoy that would keep us mobile and one we would take every day we left camp without hassling us the entire way.

Weighing less than a pound and collapsible, this is a decoy EVERY elk hunter who crawls up the mountain in September should have. Our decoy will allow you to be mobile to keep up with those fast moving herds without the bulk or hassle. This Cow Elk Decoy is ready on demand and will make the difference in a hunt. If fact, you may have already thought of a time that it would have.

We pride ourselves in making a decoy that is durable. but just in case, we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY for manufacturing defects.

Check out our Bowmount and Clamp to make your Cow Elk Decoy the most versatile decoy on the planet.

User assumes the risks of using this product. Not recommended for use during any gun season.

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