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Mule Deer Doe Decoy

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Mule deer and Mule deer hunters have never seen a mule deer decoy this realistic. It is truly an awesome decoy. The best mule deer decoy on the market.

Like all the Heads Up Decoys, this handheld decoy has limitless tactics, applications, and possibilities. Just when we think we've heard it all, another story comes in about someone feeling the breath of a mule deer when using this decoy.

Our mule deer decoy is capturing the imagination of bow hunters everywhere pursuing...or wanting to pursue this great animal. We encourage you to view our youtube channel to see an open country mule deer hunt with the decoy in the bow mount. Click the link below:

2009 Open Country Mule Deer

We pride ourselves in making a decoy that is durable. but just in case, we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY for manufacturing defects.

Check out our Bowmount and Clamp to make your Mule Deer Doe Decoy the most versatile decoy on the planet.

User assumes all risks associated with hunting with this decoy. Not recommended for use during any gun season.

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