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Antelope Buck Decoy

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The Heads Up Decoy Antelope Buck decoy is one of our most popular decoys. Decoying pronghorns...or hunting them "spot and stalk" is one of the most frustrating, but rewarding bow hunting adventures in North America. If you hunt these animals from your belly like we do, then this decoy can increase your chances of a shot.

The handheld decoy has evolved. This decoy was the reason we developed the Bow Mount. Our customers wanted a pronghorn decoy they could mount to their bows...and we gave it to them.

Use this decoy to challenge that dominate buck or to get you from point A to Point B without spooking the goat.

We encourage you to visit our blog to view pictures of the decoy and the Bow Mount attachment: Link to Pics

We pride ourselves in making a decoy that is durable. but just in case, we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY for manufacturing defects.

Check out our Bowmount to make our Antelope Buck Decoy the most versatile decoy on the planet.

User assumes the risks of using this product. Not recommended for use during any gun season.


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