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Whitetail Doe Decoy

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Our Whitetail Doe decoy is a highly versatile decoy that is an effective attractant for bucks and does. This decoy is great in the early season as a means to attract does to fill those antlerless tags and great for fooling those cruising bucks during the heat of the rut.

Designed as a handheld decoy and weighing less than a pound, this decoy packs down small and quiet. It can be used for traditional stand hunting or in an aggressive ground assault to attract a distant buck cruise a bedding area.

Use this decoy with our accessory Decoy Clamp (sold separately) for stand hunting, but don't be afraid to spot and stalk aggressively. We find our Whitetail Doe decoy to be effective in all phases of the pre-rut, rut, and post rut.

We pride ourselves in making a decoy that is durable. but just in case, we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY for manufacturing defects.

All our decoys function and operate essentially the same, we encourage you to veiw our instructions page to see how to assemble your Heads Up Decoys.

User assumes all risks associated with hunting with this decoy. We do not recommend using this decoy during any gun season.

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