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Whitetail Buck Decoy

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Heads Up Decoy strives to be innovative. Our Whitetail Buck decoy is one of two products we have developed with the ability to change the landscape of bow this case, mature whitetail bucks.

We often get people's first reactions..."It's too big." Or, "The antlers are too bright." Folks, what we have done with this decoy since 2010 would send the "experts" off the deep end. Although we purposely designed it big for the sole purpose of killing big bucks...we get spikes, 2 year olds, and giants coming in to kick its butt.

The detachable and flexible foam antlers compliment its packability and versatility, this whitetail buck decoy can produce opportunity when you use to think opportunity wasn't likely.

Although this decoy is highly effective while hunting from a stand using our Decoy Clamp Assessory (sold separately) don't rule out our Bow Mount Accessory (also sold separately). This decoy excels in aggressive ground hunting.

We pride ourselves in making a decoy that is durable. but just in case, we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY for manufacturing defects.

User assumes the risk associated with the use of this decoy. PLEASE use this decoy with extreme caution. Close encounters with angry animals are likley. Use of this decoy is not recommened during any gun season.

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