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    Heads Up Decoy was started in 2008 with the idea that a bow hunter needed a mobile decoy that was easy to use, realistic, and effective...but not bulky. When bow hunting, we observe animals at any distance where only a portion of their body is visible. That is the exact philosophy that has driven Heads Up Decoy to where it is today. Heads Up Decoy was the FIRST company to design and promote a partial body big game decoy. In doing so, we wanted to make sure our decoys looked realistic. Heads Up Decoys have shape, contour, and defining features, so when used in the field, their shape is representative of the animal we are trying to fool.

    bow mounted antelope decoy

    Early on, Heads Up Decoy literally pioneered new, innovative, and daring methods to bow hunt big game and turkeys. Methods never attempted and done with success. Many methods are purely unique to Heads Up Decoy. In 2009, Heads Up Decoy quickly evolved from a Handheld Big Game Decoy to a bow mountable decoy and/or a decoy that can be used clamped to a solid object. Handheld, bow mounted, or clamped to a tree, what we've done is design the most versatile big game and turkey decoys on the market. There is no one way to use a Heads Up Decoy and there are very few conditions where our products cannot be used...and that includes taking it and not needing it.

    cow elk decoy by Heads Up Decoy

    Our goal is to not only manufacture a quality and effective decoy, but also educate and entertain bowhunters on how to use Heads Up Decoy. THE best way to get great and relavent content related to bowhunting with Heads Up Decoy and spot and stalk hunting is to sign up to our NEWSLETTER. Be sure to sign up today!

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