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    All Heads Up Decoys operate essentially the same. This is a quick and easy illustration of how to put a Heads Up Decoy together once it is out of the box. Unfold the decoy and expose the internal support frame. Connect the ends and insert the handle.
    Heads Up Decoy Instruction
    The handle has a notch in either end. Either end can be inserted first. Find the fitting with our "Windlock" system on the internal frame. Insert the handle by aligning the notch with the peg on the fitting. Press firmly into place so the notch fits around the peg. This keeps the decoy from spinnng. Pull the fabric decoy down the frame and wrap the velcro straps around the frame. You may have to shape the frame to flatten or conform to the shape of the decoy. You're ready to hunt.
    Heads Up Decoy Instruction
    Disclaimer: Heads Up Decoy reserves the right to alter, modify, or improve design either in part or in whole at any point without notification.