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    Heads Up Decoy is truly the definition of versatility. Because of this, we get a lot of questions related to the Heads Up Decoy concept. It is impossible to replicant every possible hunting scenario. We've highlighted our most asked questions and discussed them below.

    Be Mobile...Stay Mobile!

     1. How do you stake the decoy in the ground? Here is a "hack" video to demonstrate a couple options. We've elected, as a company, at this point to fabricate our own customized and inexpensive ground stake for those set ups when we are not able to hold the decoy or not able to use it in the bow mount.

    2. Which decoy should I get? The buck or the doe? Loaded question but to keep it simple and based on our experience the Whitetail Buck and the Mule Deer Doe if you were to only buy one of either species...but the Mule Deer Buck Decoy is gaining some serious popularity.

    3. When to show the decoy? One of our frequent questions and the 3 biggest mistakes I hear from customers and friends is showing the decoy too early and trying to walk in from a distance, getting greedy thinking you need to go 5...10 yards closer and blowing the whole set up, or getting too close and surprising the animals. Best case pick'em scenario would be in that 60-80 yard range. But keep in mind, the terrain may not allow you to get to the 60-80 yard range or it may allow you to get closer and draw them out of thick matter what the case be completely undetected until you've reached that point.

    4. How aggressive should I be? The simple answer is to do what it takes to get the buck's attention through the visualization of the decoy presentation and with vocalizations. This may mean running, crawling, squat walking, the point is be aggressive, but calculated, getting to a point where you can present the decoy and to get the attention of that buck. Don't be afraid to be might work! If you are working a buck and he's paralleling you out of bow may need to angle with him with the decoy to head him off. Whatever it may take.

    5. Solo or with a Partner? The answer is YES! Honestly, one is not completely better than the other, but as Travis and I discuss in the video we both really enjoy hunting with a trusted partner. In many ways, we are more successful...because we are more aggressive when we have a partner vs solo. There are benefits to both, but if we were to choose...we would prefer a partner. Not to mention, sharing an incredible hunt with a buddy, son, daughter, brother, wife, husband, doesn't get much better than that.

     6. Can I use the buck decoy as a doe? Technically, the answer is yes. The antlers do detach from the frame. Keep in mind, our decoys are very realistic and resemble the appearance of a rutting mature buck. This is your choice and we are aware there are some people utilizing the decoys in this way. I am not aware of their success.

    7. Does the decoy fold up and can I fold it up to pack it? The answer is yes. The decoys can be folded into a very compact part. However, whether we are heading into the backcountry on a 3-5 day bivy elk hunt or getting out of the truck to walk 200 yards into the field, our decoys are basically completely assembled and ready to go. They are very durable. We beat the crap out of them. We strap them on our pack or hold them in our hand fully assembled. With that said, we do take off the antlers and place them inside the decoy so we don't loose them.